Protect Your Customers Protect Your Staff To Protect Your Business

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Protecting Your Customers, Protecting Your Staff, And You Will Protect Your Business

Why Protect Your Customers, Protect Your Staff, and You will Protect Your Business? The answer to the question is simple in order to get your business up and running after the Corona Virus outbreak Lockdown. You must strive to achieve all these outcomes in any business that has a physical presence/office space or business premises. Your customers will demand it and your government will pass laws that will have to be adhered to. All to prevent a second wave of the Corona Virus outbreak in your community.

Customers and your business

To be frank you will have to change how your business operates daily. Despite what President Donald Trump. And others have claimed. At this stage there is no vaccine for this pandemic. Not likely for at least 18 months. So, you and your customers will have to adjust. But you are not alone. Every business has been affected.

The reality is that the measures that you need to take are going to be expensive. But if your business is to survive, this cost will have to be found. You may need to pass part of this cost to your customers. But look for other cost savings first. Your customers like you have been hit by this virus outbreak in their pocket too.

Neck Gaiter Face Covering Image With Hello Text
Neck Gaiter Face Covering Image With Hello Text

Customers will expect you to be proactive in protecting them from the Covid19 Virus. Hand sanitizers, social distancing measures must be in place before you reopen your doors.

Depending in which country you live in, when and how long your business opens daily will be dictated by government laws or guidelines. So, make sure to inform your customers. Explain to them the reason and how this will affect your dealing with their customer orders.

Delivery Delays, Access to your Buildings are to be expected. Be upfront with the information and your customers will work with you. No business will survive if they do not have customers. So, protecting your customers should be no1 on your list of priorities.


Protecting Your Staff.

As all the health departments across the globe have discovered protecting their staff from the Corona Virus has been quite a challenge. All counties have had high number of casualties and people out on sick leave from front line health workers. Plus, the extra cost of protective equipment (ppe) and sourcing high quantities of stock.

If your business depends on high volume of staff interactions with customers on a face to face basis daily. Protecting your staff is going to be a fundamental aspect of your future business plan. As well as the cost associated with this area of your business. Social distancing will dictate how your business is set up.

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As an example, before the Corona Virus Lock down. You may have had 40 people working in an office. Now after lock down that number may be only 20. Managing this will take some adjustment on your behalf and your staff.

 How your staff will serve your customers. Just look at the examples of supermarkets which have remand open during lock down in your local community. Within days of lockdowns starting shield barriers were put in place at checkouts. All to protect staff from customers passing on the Corona Virus to them. That way their business could remain open. Serving customers, but from the business point of view. They were able to keep their customers happy and gain some new customers along the way.

This type of fast response from the retail trade must be commended. So, if your business has this type of customer flow through your business premises. Then this type of equipment will have to be put in place.

The one area the Corona Virus highlighted regards business operations and people in general was Hand Hygiene.

Terrible to think in the 21fst century governments of the world had to spend millions of Dollars, Euro, Sterling Pounds on teaching people basic Hand Hygiene. When your business opens again after the lock down. Staff training on hygiene must be another high priority. There are plenty of online courses that you can participate in or that favorite word from the online marketplace is outsource to expert companies. It is another cost but will save you time and they may have more expertise than you.

 Customers will not accept poor hygiene standards. As this will lead to anxiety about catching the virus at your premises or from your staff. The old quote regarding buying books “don’t judge the book by the cover” is what you should keep in mind regarding staff hygiene. If a customer witnesses bad hygiene practice from your staff. Then your customer will judge your business by the cover. Once lost may never return.


After the lock down is lifted and you are back operating your business. Every sale will be precious. So, by training your staff in the new procedures to follow and then for you to follow up by spot checks. Will achieve the second part of our headline outcomes. Protecting Your Staff with correct equipment and staff training will protect your business.

 Protect Your Business

Let us be honest here. All businessmen/women want to make money from their efforts. Otherwise there is no point in all the hard work running your own business. Unfortunately, there will be some that will not reopen after the Covid19 Lock down.

The economics of social distancing will be a major factor in deciding how and when reopening a business premises.

Customer expectations, Staff expectations cannot be ignored. Most business will reopen under strict guidance from government laws and inspections. There will be business people that will flout the law. To make a bigger profit. Hopefully, these will be closed quickly.

Reading through this article, planning is the key to getting your business back up and operating as normal. Well the new normal.

 Some Questions to Ask Before You Reopen

Financial Planning is the first point to start with. Will it make economic sense to open your doors again?

Is there still a market for my product or service. So much has changed and will change again soon. Once all Corona Virus lock down restrictions are lifted.

How many staff members required? How many hours will they be allowed to work closely with each other?

Then you must look at your building or business premises. What about staff Canteens/Toilet facilities? Working conditions for each worker. Are you operating now with home based employees? Will that continue or do you want your workforce in place.

What protective equipment {ppe} will be required and how to source them? How much will it cost on a regular basis.

Nesssus Vulnerability Scanner
Nesssus Vulnerability Scanner

These are just some of things that you the businessmen/women, company shareholders must answer for each sector of the economy. Each business is different and there is no generic checklist to help. Local business organizations will help these. But the best checklist is the one the individual makes for his/her business.

There is no easy answer to all the above questions. But do not just reopen blindly. No business is going to survive without the necessary planning.

 Customers will be aware of the risks involved of catching the covid19 bug. They will be looking for safe place to transact business.

Make your business that place, and you will achieve our stated goals from the headline of this article.

Protect Your Customer, Protect Your Staff  and you will Protect your business.

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Face Mask Coverings

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